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Omni Channel Retail

November 19, 2019

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Omni Channel Retail

Merging the online and offline customer experience

We are all familiar with retail displays or marketing. Let’s quickly recap though. What is a retail display?
A retail display is anything that who have in a store to showcase your product or service.

Iconic brands including Hermes pay keen emphasis on the legendary Hermes windows. They consider them as “a small theatre where each role must be played well”. Such is the importance of good retail offline communication.
With technology moving so rapidly, lines between offline and online are getting blurred and therefore it is important to give the consumer a holistic experience of the product offline so that they can purchase the product online especially in a repeat purchase scenario.
On the other hand, statistics show that 81% shoppers do thorough online research before committing to an offline purchase.
This may be a startling revelation but 82% of Millennials still prefer in-store shopping and these include the engaged online shopper.

Simply put this merging of offline and online customer experience is called omni channel retail.
Therefore, according to Wikipedia, the definition of omnichannel marketing is
a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience.

When we talk about omni channel, what are really these channel experiences that we are referring to?
1. Brick and mortar store, if any
2. E-commerce store / website
3. All social media channels
4. Point-of-sale

The essential thing to understand about omni channel marketing is the seamless journey that a customer goes through from interaction between these channels giving the customer the ultimate personal shopping experience.
To illustrate the above –
Home Depot show customers where each product is located in the store, so customers can use their phone to navigate through the store instead of being forced to ask for help from a representative who might not even know the answer.
So what’s happening is that customers are taking advantage of multiple channels simultaneously and in the way that best fits their needs to ultimately decide if the product is right for them. With simple, multichannel marketing, your business an offer a product online, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the customer can go to a brick-and-mortar store and see the product for themselves, if that’s what they’d want.

Now, once you draw the shopper inside the store, what happens next? Stay tuned to this space for more.

Therefore with Right Source and its skilled designers you can make wow your colleagues and visitors. The above listed points come naturally to ensure an efficient successful completion of every commercial spaces interior project that they have taken up.

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