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The Process


We start with the obvious – your vision and goals. Our team takes great effort in understanding the business / product and markets they operate in.

We aim to create fresh and original designs while keeping your budget in mind.


Whether handling a single product or even one aspect of it, or serve as a complete one-stop-solution, we bring the same level of commitment to every
project and ensure its success. For a product in particular or the brand as a whole, we always keep in mind the end objectives, the audience that we are addressing and any challenges or brand gap, if any, that could come out of nowhere.


From designing prototypes to the final result, we strive to create spaces and solutions that work for you. We only use the best quality materials and cutting-edge technology that will make your displays stand out from the rest while ensuring smooth implementation and flawless results.



We offer the best bespoke solutions and localized production – always keeping in mind the brand guidelines.

Before we get into full-fledged manufacturing, we offer a production prototype for final confirmation and then execute the entire order, ensuring that we are on the same wave length in terms of the final display.

Additionally, our manufacturing facility has state of the art machinery and we are constantly at the forefront of adopting new technology to automate processes wherever possible, ensuring quicker turnaround times and the perfect final display

Furthermore, our skilled labour is equipped to easily shuffle between departments, making the project seamless and smooth with complete knowledge of what is expected from beginning to end.


We are fully equipped to handle operational coordination from Dubai to GCC and North African (MENA), including statutory certifications as required by different markets and take responsibility to manage the entire logistical flow.


Our skilled labour is able to assemble the unit / project at its final destination at any end location within our logistical purview. This ensures a quality fit out delivered, assembled and installed in perfect time.



We offer our clients an annual maintenance contract facility to make it easier for the client. In such a scenario, the client is worry-free as we already know the company and product thoroughly and are able to offer the best solutions to our clients.

Going Green

Most importantly, we respect our environment and are committed and conscious of protecting it. As far as possible, we recycle and reuse. We encourage our clients to do so, as well. For example, any display stand that needs to be reused is uninstalled carefully so that it can be used by the client at a later date, too. Client cam also have our storage facility Right Source also stores it for the client at a small charge so that it can be reused for the next exhibition the client participates in.