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Retail Island Display Solutions

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What is a retail island display?

As its name suggests, the retail island display unit is like an island and hence can be placed strategically in the middle with access from all sides making it a very popular retail display solution.

What does a retail island display do?

A retail island display usually functions like a smaller kiosk inside a shop. It is almost self explanatory and sometimes the need for a merchandiser is also redundant especially for an informative type of retail island display.

Main features of a retail island display

- Excellent display solution for product demos such as experiences zones, simulation or recreating a room within a store.
- Drastically reduces cost since you may not need trained staff to man the unit.
- Benefit from the customer penetration of the main store

Right Source offers end to end solutions from brainstorming to final execution and installation with all the expertise in house. It forges relationships that transcends beyond the single project to multiple ones due to the working partnership taken so seriously to ensure that the company and its objectives are always at the core of every decision to make the solution a successful one.

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