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Retail Kiosk Solutions

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What is a retail kiosk?

A kiosk is a temporary fixture that draws the attention of the customer to the products placed on it in high traffic areas. It can also be used as a space saving solution. These usually prove to be low cost alternates to market products or services.

What does a Kiosk do?

The biggest function of a kiosk is to increase interactivity much more than than in a flagship store - in a store a customer needs to enter the store, at a kiosk, you can approach the customer. Their compact size makes them flexible and movable.

What are the different types of kiosks?

Product kiosks These kiosks usually have the product. Kiosks are especially good for product launches. Information kiosks If the offering is a product or a service, information is given by way of leaflets. Food service kiosks Grab and go meals can use kiosks, especially in malls where shop spaces are expensive but kiosks come relatively cheaper.

Right Source provides workable, flexible and cost effective retail brand corner solutions specific to your brand and requirement. Starting from brainstorming to installation, Right Source has a highly skilled and experienced team across all departments to execute the entire project in house.

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