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Retail Brand Corners

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What is a retail brand corner?

Retail brand corners are spaces larger compared to a gondola retail display. It allows the brand to maintain its identity 100% and within the brand guidelines or planogram. The brand has complete over the space allocated to them in a retail brand corner.

What does a retail brand corner help achieve?

Since the retail brand corner is extremely specific to the brand, sales patterns can also be taken into account. Location specific intel can be exercised. This helps in capitalising traffic of that specific location or store.

What are the different types of retail brands corners?

The best part about retail brand corners is its flexibility and adaptability to a space. This makes endless possibilities - even the use of pillar space is possible.

Right Source provides workable, flexible and cost effective retail brand corner solutions specific to your brand and requirement. Starting from brainstorming to installation, Right Source has a highly skilled and experienced team across all departments to execute the entire project in house.

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