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Shop in shop display units

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What is a shop in shop display unit?

A shop in shop display unit allows a brand the flexibility of maintaining its individuality even within the store while enjoying the benefits that the store provides. Some large format stores even allow the brand to function as an individual property including allowance of taking cash.

What does a shop in shop display unit do?

The shop in shop display unit solution has a small footprint but enjoys a larger footfall, hence making it a very cost effective solution. Common expenses such as common utilities and amenities, staff cost including security, are borne by the primary store and in a sense then shared with the other shop in shop units.

Main features of a shop in shop display unit

- Divided cost therefore more cost effective
- Smaller floor spaces makes it further economical
- Deeper and quality reach of customers
- Concentration on selling the product / service rather than getting involved in the nitty-gritties of day to day working of a store

Right Source offers end to end solutions from brainstorming to final execution and installation with all the expertise in house. It forges relationships that transcends beyond the single project to multiple ones due to the working partnership taken so seriously to ensure that the company and its objectives are always at the core of every decision to make the solution a successful one.

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