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5 inspirational workspace designs

February 8, 2021

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It’s common to look for inspiration. What’s difficult is to be constantly inspired. While this it is a visceral act, it can very well be influenced or altered by the environment one is in. Therefore workspace office solutions are critical for an overall good-natured office setting.

Your first step in putting your vision into practice should be to partner with a good company that has the expertise to translate what you want to communicate to your office employees within brand guidelines and also without giving off a very corporate feel – the workspace office after all is a place where employees spend a large chunk of their day.

A well-rounded company taking on the workspace designing will offer solutions that are not only tangible but reached the core ethic of the brand. This is achieved when a company like Right Source understands the requirements of the clients 100%. In a recent project taken up by Right Source and a leading paints manufacture, the client was keen on a single way to move forward. The Right Source team, based on its extensive experience, was able to preempt the pitfalls and manoeuvre the project in the right direction resulting in an overall save in time, effort and of course, money.

Every workspace design is unique in its own right. The place must echo the people working there. All this while staying within brand guidelines. We’ve put together some basic criteria that must be followed in oder to achieve the larger goal –

1. Inspire with quotes, literally
When your employees walk into their workplace, remind them of the company stands for by placing the company mission, vision or even a simple quote that is completely in sync with the company goals. A good dose of inspiration in the morning can help get through some difficult days. Right Source suggested this beautiful quote for all its employees to read.

2. Tell a story
Let the walls of your office space become your canvas. Make each one count – with adoration of the company for its employees. Let the walls tell stories of achievements made together and the company’s journey thus far. This is one such example. Brainstorming with the Right Source has resulted in many such gems!

As quoted by Oki Sato of Nendo –
“I thought that when I am designing something like an object, I noticed that I am designing an object but trying to design the movement that is related to that object. I noticed that some objects sort of let people move and then people react to objects as well”

3. Be the change
Always think ahead. If has never been done before, be the first one to pioneer the trend. At Right Source, the team constantly pushing themselves to keep abreast of the current trends, not only to incorporate them in everything that they do but also to understand how to remain a step ahead and create for tomorrow.

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4. Build on trust
This is the building block of any association. Whether it is trust between the company and its employees or the company and its workspace design partner. The common factor between both important relationships is the company. Hence, if staying close to the company mission and vision, the employees as well as the design partner, will be able to translate the company ethos in its surroundings and its inner workings.

5. Throw out a challenge now and again
For a company like Right Source, a curve ball is always a welcome challenge. This however is best tackled at the brainstorming stage to avoid any delays or incur any unnecessary costs so that the requirements are clearly defined at the planning stage.

For more great ideas on how to make your workspace more inspirational, visit our website

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