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September 19, 2019

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Technology Preferred Shopping

The buzz word that’s here to stay. Everything else that comes along is a scaffolding that rests on this loaded word.

In a survey conducted in 2016, 71% respondents stated that they preferred shopping with a retailer that provided augmented reality. By making shopping experiences more engaging, retailers can strengthen their pull strategy into bringing customers back into brick and mortar stores.

Technology has become the fulcrum of every business. With any combination, technology remains deeply entrenched into the buyer cycle.
Different combinations we see –
1. Brick and mortar store (B&M store) + social media channels
2. B&M store + ecommerce platform
3. Ecommerce platform + social media channels
4. B&M store + affiliate marketing
… and so on.

For a retailer, technology has changed the rules of the game. If you want to stay in it, you’ve got to get with it. Starting from the word go, whether you have an e-commerce business, you are already deeply entrenched in technology. Not only must you showcase the store well (design in technology) but also have the back end of your website functioning optimally to get enough reach to your customers.

So where does technology fit in for retail?
Digital retail is changing customer experiences at various touch points. Here are our top three –

1. Display units
Right Source, a leading in-store retail display solutions company based in Dubai is doing some path-breaking work in visual merchandising to increase the in-store brand presence.
a. Digital signage
b. Led screens
c. Striking window displays
d. Shop-in-shop
e. Stand alone displays
f. Counter top displays
g. NFC displays

2. Social media
All social media channels such as – Instagram, Facebook, Twiter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.
The choice of a social media channel will vary depending on what the retailer is selling. If there is a lot of video content, YouTube seems to be the go to choice. However, if it’s a FMCG brand, they may choose Facebook which is more mass.

3. Apps
A specific application built for the company to its specific needs.

Hence, for a retailer, technology has changed the rules of the game. If you want to stay in it, you’ve got to get with it!

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