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5 Valentine’s Day Retail Display Ideas

January 22, 2021

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Retail display design companies are at their wit’s end to crack Valentines day display solutions. This day is every marketeer’s dream where people shop their hearts out. What’s important is how to grab the customers attention from every other product to yours. According to, it costs 7x more to obtain a new customer than to keep an existing one. Keeping these statistics in mind, it is best to keep efforts concentrated on the latter while innovating for the former.
And it’s valentine’s Day, don’t coerce your customer towards your brand. Gently nudge them into looking at your product, intrigue them with your product or service, such that the only option they want to consider is yours.

We’ve listed down 5 valentine’s day retail display ideas.


It’s all about the Experience

While a gift is a great reminder, it is an experience that is etched in the memory. For such moments to come alive, Right Source along with the Jotun team created colour experience zones. These retail display units were placed in strategic locations where the customer can see the paint used in its setting. Different finishes complimenting different styles.
This Valentine’s Day, paint your home with your loved one’s. Make it a day to joyously celebrate the beginning of a colourful year ahead.

Spotlight with a shop in shop display

Don’t get swayed by the norm – if pinks and reds that usually are associated with Valentine’s Day don’t go with your brand image, don’t force fit them. A good retail display design company will help you deconstruct the usual and make it special for your brand. If you are a brand that has a shop and shop display, you can stay well within your brand guidelines even though the larger store you are in has a different plan. The Right Source design team will help you reach an aesthetic and a strong retail display idea that will help your brand shine through and go beyond the obvious hearts and flowers.

End cap at a Box store (a large format store)

To be one among many in a large format store and still be seen is a tough job. For instance a large format electronic store houses many brands. How do you make your brand be seen and heard? The Right Source team is constantly developing new ideas along with their brand partners for unique occasions such as Valentine’s Day to engage customers better. Note the use of the hero product strategy in the visual below.

Retail Island display

This kind of display solution is usually preferred for event based instances such as Valentine’s Day. There can even be an interactive element where customers can take an online poll / quiz and maybe even win spot prizes for instant gratification to customers. This is a more brand building and engagement strategy than a display one and the Right Source team, based on numerous years of experience, are even equipped to handle this kind of execution.

Counter top displays for jewellery

Retail display design companies must reinvent themselves when they work with high luxury brands for instance jewellery. Retail display companies are usually used to working with large display pieces. To think small is sometimes more difficult. But, it can be done with the right experience and the perfect team – like at Right Source. In fact, some interactive elements can even be added to the counter top display units like an interactive information card. When a piece of jewellery is picked up, it displays the weight of the ornament and such others.

Listed above are just some ideas that can be executed by the expert Right Source team. If you have a brand that requires a focused strategy this Valentine’s Day, visit our visit to get in touch with us.

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