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Basic Considerations While Choosing the Best Workspace Designer

November 16, 2020

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Space is real estate – and it makes for the largest chunk of a fixed cost for a company. Therefore, it is one area that should be treated with careful planning.

A workspace designer can help achieve workspace office solutions optimally. Studies have proven that the workspace acts as a trigger and subconsciously impacts even the way we react to a situation.

First, lets identify some of these workspace office solutions that may seem unimportant but really are the most important ones –

1. Natural light and air – Please allow ample opportunity for cross ventilation and natural light to pour in. Even though most offices are temperature controlled using artificial temperature control devices such as the air conditioner and air purifiers, nothing can compare to natural air and light. In fact, if you do have the luxury of space, it is strongly recommended to have a planned open space for coffee breaks. Some of the best ideas shine through during these supposedly ‘off’ times!


2. Green plants – If you can’t go out, get’em in! Nurture your workspace with the best solution – lots and lots of plants. A pop of green if not natural colours from flowering plants is the only one which goes with every brands look and feel.

3. Storage space – try and keep the common spaces clutter free. The more open spaces you have, it can give the illusion of the space being larger than it actually is.

These factors attribute to a healthy work environment for a calm mind and soul, increasing efficiency and overall output.
However, an environment does not only depend on the above but a lot more factors, some specific to each individual project while the others still remain generic. But, it is the job of a specialised and skilled person or better yet, group of individuals who have expertise in that area. An ideal situation is when you have a designer at the helm and she / he is leading a group. And the best situation is when a company has a bunch of skilled personnel responsible for the job. For example, imagine a carpentry heavy project. A workspace may have a team of carpenters but not the machinery. The project may even require a larger team and therefore would need to sub contract. A company, however, has larger teams and top of the line equipment to get the job done more efficiently.

The role of a good workspace designer

To create a space for a company with brand guidelines that will inspire its workforce, increase efficiency and optimise every corner of the office space.

At Right Source, we have created our very own four C’s for our team of workspace designers to create the best workspace solutions

1. Collaboration –
Designing a commercial workspace must be a collaboration right from the word go. It is a fusion of the company’s vision, requirement and guidelines that the designer must internalise to provide the best solutions. It is a process of combining efforts that must be followed to achieve a unified goal. The best projects are one where the specifics are made clear at the outset which reduces back and forth during the process resulting in savings of magnitude proportion of time, money and efforts.

2. Commitment –
There are two parties in this contract – and at Right Source we strongly believe that both must be equally committed to the project. Recreating a workspace is a long term commitment not only during the execution of the project but also many years after it; an office space must be conducive to working efficiently as a large part of the workforces’ day is spent there.

3. Capitalisation –
A good workspace designer fuels herself / himself with chances to gain advantages. At Right Source we look at all the stakeholders involved in the project –

a. The company as an entity
b. Top management
c. Rest of the workforce
d. Alliance workforce
e. Even visitors

And then formulates a plan to ensure that each one is heard and, if possible, their requirements are kept at the heart during planning. This makes execution relatively easier to manage.

4. Combat –
The Right Source team is known to plan so meticulously right from the brainstorming and designing process in order to combat any surprises during execution process. This results in few changes, if at all, during the job and hence effectively completes projects well within deadlines.

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