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In Store Display Solutions

May 29, 2020

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Store Display Solutions

According to, total retail sales worldwide were projected at 26.07 trillion US dollars for 2020. However, the worldwide retail market has faced a huge setback in the past 6 months due to the corona virus pandemic. BBC reported that that British retail sales alone plummeted by 18.1% last month alone. Every country is taking every effort to get back on their feet by bringing their economy (read retail industry) up and running, maybe not completely like before but in the best possible way that it can.

Dubai is one of the few countries that did a remarkable job in ensuring that a complete lockdown was enforced for a minimum number of days compared to the rest of the world. Unfortunately while some businesses had to shut down for a period of almost two months, a large part of activity including construction, which makes up a large portion of Dubai’s industry remained open. And to better that news, Dubai has now announced that it is going to functional as near normal as possible! That means, the Dubai that we know, full of glitz and glamour and shining malls (and now brilliant even more because of constant sanitization), is beckoning you for some retail therapy.

Now, how does a retail store attract customers amongst so many vying for the same customers attention?
The answer is just one.
Ensuring that your in-store retail presence is top notch.

Right Source is a leading company in Dubai that excels in in-store display solutions. The fabulous thing is that they offer end solutions. Right from brainstorming on what solution works best for the product right up to installation on site and even maintenance thereafter (when you sign up for an AMC with them). Moreover, they keep in mind overall brand guidelines when Right Source’s expert team makes suggestions. Additionally, the entire operation takes place in-house, in their workspace in Dubai.
Some of the solutions that they have devised are –

Digital signage solutions

Ever seen a lit digital sign and not looked at it twice? Exactly! Away with the days when a plain Jane sign would work. Digital signage really bumps up the oomph factor in attracting the customers. At least, it will give you second appeal for a customers attention.

Retail kiosk solutions

These are stand-alone display stands and are usually strategically placed near a checkout space for example. This sort of strategy charms to an instinctive buying opportunity and could convert to a quick sale. Furthermore, once the stand has been used as a retail kiosk, it could be used as a product stocker moving marketing spends to better use.

Brand corners

Again, these are to encourage an impulsive shopping experience at the checkout space or are of high value and are usually kept under lock and key such as jewelry, saffron etc.

Gondola retail display

These usually consist of a flat base and a vertical fixture such as shelves and pegboards. They are mostly fit for display in long alley-like shopping spaces like a hypermarket. Supermarket, hardware store etc.

Shop in shop display

This kind of display is usually akin a brand corner, or creating a smaller space exclusively for a brand within a larger store. The allocated space should look exactly like a mini store and therefore should strictly follow brand guidelines. This sort of display functions like a mini boutique. A good example would be a ‘store’ in Printemps.

Retail island display

A retail island display is just that – a display unit in the middle of the shop floor. These kinds of displays help the product stand out amongst others and almost becomes the spotlight of floor.

The time to act on an in store display idea is now. We strongly recommend that you start shopping for your in store retail today. And what better place to go to than Right Source. For a sneak peek into their work, visit their website on

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