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Engaging Brand spaces

June 10, 2020

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Engaging Brand spaces

Engaging Brand spaces – How to maximize customer interaction with the right retail touchpoints solutions

The retail design of a store is the first impression a customer walks into. This sets the tone for the brand. With every brand screaming for attention from customers, there are some cutting edge retail space solutions that are being constantly developed. According to a study, the brand is received 70% better when logos and advertising appears throughout the store space. This also increases the overall brand value in the mind of the shoppers. Like it’s often said, the number of interactions may matter little compared to the quality of an interaction. A good retail display solution helps a brand achieve that utmost quality. Although communicating the brand in general is important, but it is also equally vital to showcase the product or experience that the shopper will ultimately take home.

For example, a toyshop has a new toy in its store. How will the toyshop communicate this to shoppers?
Correct. Attracting kids by demonstrating the product at the entrance of the store. Once they have the shoppers’ (read kids’) attention, the child pulls his parent’s hand and leads them into the store. Congratulations, you’ve achieved the easiest step towards closing a sale.

Step 2 is the most important one – where is this specific product displayed in the store? Is it hidden by the bestsellers? Or does it get a dedicated space in the most accessible part of store?
Right. A dedicated kiosk in the centre of the store is most convenient. A kiosk is a retail space solution that’s most widely used globally to create a full spatial experience within a small space.

Now that the shopper has access to the product that s/he is interested in, it is imperative to allow, if possible, to touch and feel the product. Hence, even how the product is displayed on the kiosk makes a big difference. There are various retail touchpoints solutions that are used but it is essential to know which one suits you. Therefore, it is best to collaborate with a company that excels in retail display solutions for brand spaces (more on that at the end of the piece). Supporting it with an NFC display or digital signage solution to make it more attractive can further enhance the kiosk or any other touchpoint solution that has been used.

The purchase cycle gets complete when the shopper is convinced of the product and ultimately reaches the check out counter with product in hand. Even at this point, with the help of a good retail display solution such as a stand-alone display a brand can achieve an added sale.

The best part about using a customized retail display solution is that it works for the brads specific requirement. If a store is small, the in-store retail display could be curated in a vertical format to stock more product in a lesser square foot space. This is one such example. Customisations should be kept at the helm while evaluating a solution. The company the brand works with should ideally also suggest this.

To recap quickly, a retail space design is of utmost importance to ensure that the brand talks to the shopper.
How does one achieve this?
1. Making the product customer friendly by allowing
a. Touchpoints
b. Position of the product in the store
c. Highlighting product features or USP
d. Positioning the product correctly in the mind of the shopper

One such company that knows their in-store retail display solutions is Right Source in Dubai. They have been reinventing retail display solutions especially in the GCC, Mena, Levant regions and have complete in house expertise from brainstorming, design, execution right up to installation. Visit their website on to know more.

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