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Impact of commercial office interiors on your business

December 1, 2020

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Have you ever walked into a commercial office for the first time and felt completely at home? A good commercial office interior job should always evoke this feeling – a good commercial interior designers always strives for this.

Commercial office interiors

Your commercial office space is your window to anyone who walks into your office. It therefore becomes imperative that you put your best foot forward to ensure that not only your employees but also your visitors go back feeling like they’re going from one home to another.

Commercial office interiors are meant to be designed with care and carefulness that is led by an expert.

What are the qualities of a good commercial designer –

1. Aligns vision in line with yours
Every project must have a singular goal. And this goal needs to become everyone’s vision. By everyone we mean the team of skilled labour who is going to be on site and tighten all the nuts and bolts.

2. Remains inspired
At Right Source, a leading commercial office interiors company based in Dubai, we’re always looking for inspiration. Whether the inspiration comes from flora or fauna or from the newest interiors digest.

3.Isn’t afraid to embrace the unknown
Even if the project is not something the designer has taken on personally, a company usually has enough expertise to take on even a seemingly unknown project and piece it together. Hence, a company such as Right Source, that has department experts – design, planning, execution – under one roof, is able to not only take on projects that have extremely specific requirements but is also able to carry them out flawlessly. Like the Latin injunction of the world ‘Ignoramus’ 🙂

4. Asks many questions
A company and its designer who asks questions is the best one to go with. The where, what, when and how’s are so important to answer at the beginning of the project to ensure a hassle free end to the venture.

5. Whose learning never stops
At Right Source, the learning never stops. Every new project teaches something different and new and is embraced and internalised to put into better use and practice in the next project going forward. With 25 years of such experience, imagine the treasure trove of knowledge the company has!

6. Is never for ‘it’s my way or the highway’
Being a team player is a must. While a company may have hired another company who has a designer that they are directly working with, one can never work in isolation. As a company in contract you are forged into a whole new entity that is only working towards a common goal – to fulfil the project at hand successfully and effectively.

7. Considers lighting
One thing that everyone takes for granted – Light. Light can be further divided into natural light and artificial light. Natural light must pour in a commercial space whole heartedly. This not only livens the place up but is extremely conducive to a positive workspace. Even artificial lighting must be looked at extremely carefully. A poorly lit workspace makes the area dull and lethargic and is not conducive to a healthy work atmosphere.

8. Is a leader, but with a heart
But Is respectful of each and every member of their team. After all, it is the team that is carrying out the work.

9. Embraces technology and the future
Technology is the future. A commercial office interiors designer must keep herself or himself abreast of the latest technology. For example, air conditioning technology – even just this one feature constantly is re inventing and making usage better and more efficient.

10. Invests maximum energy in the beginning of the project
In the words of Henry Mintzberg “Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” A project well managed right from the start is sure to give the best results.

Therefore with Right Source and its skilled designers you can make wow your colleagues and visitors. The above listed points come naturally to ensure an efficient successful completion of every commercial spaces interior project that they have taken up.

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Nish D
Nish D
3 years ago

What a fantastic perspective on commercial interiors. Thank you. I enjoyed the article!

9 months ago

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