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Interactive Retail Display Solutions

September 18, 2020

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Interactive retail display solutions

Creating an Interactive Retail Display Experience for Your Customers

In the words of Albert Einstein – “Creativity is intelligent having fun.”
Interactive retail displays are all about having fun seriously. It is fun for your customers (and also for you when you are brainstorming ideas) in store retail display solutions and outdoor ones and for you, in so many way; they are a win-win idea. So get cracking immediately!

We’ve put together some types of digital and static retail display solutions in store and on the shop window and its benefits.

What a good Retail Display solution can do for you

Increase Engagement

Kaizer Leather created an interactive retail display (or an experiential design concept; better fitting, we think) for their Allure collection of bags and accessories where customers could create their own mix of colours to actually see how the final bag would look in their choice of colours. This display was placed just outside the store and it created opportunity to further attract the stores to enter the store for a deeper interaction about the Allure collection in particular and other browse through other collections at large.

Shock and awe – Go quirky

Hermes is known for its trendy, visually stunning and very creative retail window displays. One such that has caught the attention of many, is a video of a woman which makes the product, in this case a pocket square, gently swaying to the gentle whoosh of her breath. The movement causes more than one to stop and stare 🙂
If you find a picture or video, do share that with us!

Create an immersive shopping experience

Maximise use of current technology with augmented reality or AR as it is casually known, has taken the concept of realism to the next level with the use to technology. Augmented reality renders digital images using real time data (text, videos, audio, graphics etc.) So, even that app that you’ve used on your phone to enhance a photograph is really using augmented reality. Nw, imagine the power of that attributed to your retail display or products.

Create concept stores

A concept store is usually one that houses many tables under one roof. This is a carefully curated list and has a unique selection of products. Hence, its retail display must also be one that is very unique. The winds display mostly conveys the overarching theme of the store and is important to target new and returning customers. A very interesting way interactive retail display solution commonly used is motion detection – and we don’t only mean this holds true for concept stores but we’ve seen them in many. Retail display units are fixed with a censor so that when a person passes, it triggers an action and engages with even window shoppers enticing them to stop, even for a moment. This is also a fantastic brand building idea.

Space saving

With the rates for brick and mortar sky-rocketing every store owner is becoming more and more conversative with their space and even more importantly how to maximise the use of every inch of space to convert intent to a sale. So, whether the interactive retail display solution used is in store (shop in shop, counter top, NFC display) or outside – a window display or a kiosk (stand alone display), it must to its job 100%. At Right Source we strongly believe that interactive retail display solutions are great for pop up shops and kiosks.

How do you gain?

With interactive retail display solutions customers can get a real feel for the product or service. Specific features of the product can be shared though virtual reality.

Enhance the shopping experience

  • Would you believe that there are companies that have Android Mannequins that interact with customers? Have you met one? Do share your experience in the comments section below.
  • The scan and go – one stop checkout process – is a classic use case scenario for interactive digital display solutions. This is a concept that’s widely picking up in the west when while the human tendency is to want to shop, there’s physically no time to do it. So, anything that catches the eye is snapped by the customer who then uses the store return policy to their advantage to sift through their purchases.
  • Specsavers – Save the specs of your customers and make them feel nurtured. We’ve seen a prime example in a spectacles shop! Information saved can be used for not only for future purchases but images clicked and saved with the customer trying out various products can to shared at the right time to close a sale. Additionally, it also makes for a smoother customer check out journey.
  • A lot of stores have iPads installed in their changing rooms. Browse through the online store to know what to look for in the brick and mortar store.

    Data collection

    We’ve saved the most important one for last. You customer data is gold. With every interaction that the customer makes with your brand –
    a.Brand building
    b.Brand recall
    c.Buyer persona
    d.Enhancing brand awareness
    e.Browsing products and services via various touchpoints
    f.Fixing the roadblocks
    g.And ultimately, closing a sale!

    … takes you one step closer to retarget that customer again to ultimately close a sale.

To sum up, fusing the online and offline with the right interactive retail display solutions that’s the best fit for your company. You can reach out to us at Right Source via whatsapp on +971 54 499 1496 or visit our website

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