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Interior Design For Commercial Spaces

September 3, 2020

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Things to Know About Interior Design For Commercial Spaces

Dorothy Draper, the inventor of modern baroque, said “I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.”

Ms Draper’s style was anti minimalist – bright, exuberant colours. Shock and awe. Really. Now, we may not necessarily agree with her sense of style (because it was also more geared towards home interiors), but we definitely believe in her philosophy – make such an impression when someone walks into your office space that it gives them a good reason to talk.

In 2019, the revenue of the interior design market in the United Arab Emirates alone was approximately 2.1 billion U.S. dollars. According to the magazine, Design – Middle East, In 2020, the UAE is expected to lead in the share of interiors and fit-out spend in the GCC region, at 42% of the total, followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (29%) and Qatar (13%).

Like home interiors, interior design for commercial spaces runs on the same basic principle – good aesthetics or design. What changes (drastically) is every other factor. However, we cannot emphasize enough, when choosing a company (we definitely suggest this since you will have access to a department-specific skilled workforce); or a freelance person (versus someone who works with different subdivision vendors) to do your commercial space interior, pick one that is a office space designer.

We’ve listed down some top considerations to discuss with a company of your choice for interior design for commercial spaces.

  1. Understanding the brand and its philosophy

No one knows your brand better than you. Take the time to explain what your brand represents, who is your target audience and your overall philosophy to you office interior designer. It is more important to communicate what you do not want and it is okay to not know what you do want. This will give your designer a very good starting point.

  1. Size of the team

This one is quite self-explanatory. The designer’s recommendations will change on the number of people that you have in the office space. If you have many visitors or a large visiting staff, here is where you should clarify with your office interior design company.

  1. Considering requirements

Now that you’ve established number of employees, their patterns and the overarching philosophy of the brand, a good commercial interior design company will already know basic requirements. If there are any specifics that you wish to communicate with them, ensure that those are mentioned earlier rather than later to avoid any friction caused due to lack of communication.

  1. Studying limitations of the actual space, if any

This really isn’t your problem. A sound commercial spaces interior design company would have already done this as part of their research. And a company that really cares will actually spend time on this and guide you and push back if needed on basis of any requests you may have made to give you the best possible look for your office.

  1. Bouncing off ideas

A good fit company will not only encourage this time with you but also enjoy bouncing off ideas with you, even during the course of the project.

  1. Execution – structural design, amenities

There is little here where you as a client can contribute. If you have engaged with a good commercial interiors design company, we strongly suggest to leave it to the experts!

  1. Final changes (hopefully not!)

All’s well that ends well. If you are happy with the job, please do say it to the company you have contracted for the job. It may a job for you but some companies and their employees put their heart and soul into making an office space the most comfortable one for you. However, it’s always best when everyone is happy at the end of a project. If there are minor changes that you may not have foreseen earlier, discuss it with the project head designer of the company that you have hired and they will surely accommodate to the best of their ability. We know that Right Source, we put our clients and their contentment, first.

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