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Make Your School Canteen Promoting a Wellbeing Healthy Environment

May 11, 2021

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Better school hygiene especially in school canteens with the right steps

The Covid pandemic has changed the way the world views hygiene. And it is here to stay. The world is still battling the virus with full gusto and there’s not a minute to put our guard down.
The important personal ways in which you can stay protected remain:
1. Wearing a mask
2. Social distancing
3. Sanitising the hands regularly

The larger and more important conversation to have is how we can keep public places such as banks, hospitals, airports, school canteens ready to continue semblance of the old ways of the world. The places mentioned above are such that are visited by many people. While banks, hospitals and airports have had to remain open since they are essential for overall economy and health, schools have remained shut for the longest period. While some schools have opened, others are yet to open their doors to the familiar happy screams of the children that once ambushed their corridors.

Kids all over the world have had to adapt their learning to online school. At first they thought it would be fun but parents and children realise the tremendous loss in learning; not only academically but also social skills. It is our responsibility to our children to try and give back their growing years experience as quickly as possible. This can only be done, if we take necessary action immediately and increase our preparedness at the earliest. So that when the children return to their schools, they are returning to the same happy environment that they have missed since the past year.

As mentioned before, some schools have had the good fortune of starting in a somewhat phased manner. But, they’ve had to really up their ante in becoming Covid ready especially in common areas such as the canteen in school. In a school the canteen is the place where kids come to hang out and chill with their friends over food. The cultural melting pot must be protected, as well. At Right Source, just as they have designed for hotels, airports, hospitals and banks, the team strongly recommends equipping the tables with safeguards so that there is some level of social distancing. Leave it to the kids and they tend to forget the problem at hand, the covid situation, and behave the way they are meant to – curious and in close proximity to one another 🙂
The safeguards not only give them the visual reminder of the problem that magnanimity cannot be ignored and also physically protects the children. The new variant of the Corona virus is brutally affecting children and this sort of protection becomes non-negotiable.
Additionally, children are often known to be asymptomatic and it is therefore imperative that every action must be taken to encourage social distancing in schools and especially common areas like the school canteen.

The school canteen is one of the larger spaces in most schools and is frequented not only by kids but also by teachers and other members of the staff. It is also a space that if well planned can remain by way of experience to the children as they were used to before. Just the way restaurants have adapted to the new situation, the same logic can be applied to canteens in schools. Listed are some of the benefits of safeguards designed and installed by the Right Source team
1. Very easy install.
2. Does not require any bolts.
3. Can be installed as quickly as in one day.
4. Clear and see through so while it exists, it is non intrusive.
5. Can be cleaned easily with disinfectant.

At Right Source, our team is dedicated to help fight the virus and has some fantastic canteen design ideas, as well. Visit our website to get in touch with us.

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