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Retail Display Solutions

May 20, 2020

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Retail Display Solutions

With the current world scenario, retail selling has taken a major hit due to the corona virus pandemic. According to The Balance, in the US alone, retail sales have plummeted by 16.5% in April 2020. The scene is dismal and a company will require putting its best foot forward to ensure that they can lure customers back into stores. When we look at averages from the past decade, e-commerce was first at 5.1% of total retail purchases. In 2019 that has increased to 16%. However, though the increase is significant, one can confidently say that it is not the sole contributing factor to retail sales. There is a large chunk of business that that comes from brick and mortar retail sales. And how does one achieve that?
By making sure that you don the best and most effective retail display solutions.

What is a retail display?

Any space used in a store to display your product is your retail display. Your connection between product and shopper. Hence, a strong visual merchandising strategy plays the most important role of converting intent to a final sale. An effective window display can increase sales by almost 42%.
To put it in plain terms, retail display plays with the mind of the consumer. It allows the shopper to see what you want her/him to see and how you want them to perceive your product.
Fun fact! Believe it or not but research shows that sometimes even the temperature of a store can affect buying behavior. On one hand – Ever shopped in the cold storage department? Haven’t you always wanted to run out of there as quickly as possible?

How can retail display be optimized?

There are two types of stores that we can talk about here.
1. A single brand store – this is owned by the company itself for example, an LG exclusive store.
2. A multi brand store – which stocks products from many brands for example LG products at an electronics mega store.

In the first case, the challenge is to help maneuver the customer to what s/he is looking for in the most effortless way. Here is where digital signage solutions play a very important part. Research has proven that product awareness can increase up to 23% by using digital signage. Moreover, 60% of consumers feel more positively about a company after seeing digital displays. Additionally, there could also be a kiosk where some of the best sellers, add-ons or smaller products are displayed more prominently in order to grab the shoppers attention. Based on research it is known that majority of consumers have entered a store because a sign has caught their eye.

In the second case, not only is the product fighting for the customers attention but also the brand. Therefore it becomes imperative to create an attractive brand specific space within the larger store. Such is achieved by creating a brand corner. Furthermore, the brand corner can use other retail display solutions to become even more engaging with the shopper.

A leading company that has experience of over 20 years with retail display solutions in Dubai is Right Source. They start with a brief from the client and will even prototype if necessary. With complete designing, manufacturing (they use state of the art technology and are constantly keeping up with changing trends), execution and installation capabilities in-house, they provide end-to-end solutions not only in UAE but also GCC countries, Levant and North Africa. Their process is truly innovative and effective. Right Source offers bespoke solutions keeping in mind brand guidelines. They even encourage clients to reuse and recycle display stands created by them and offer annual maintenance contract.

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I am feeling much blessed to be here and reading your thought provoking blog. It has truly increased my knowledge. I will surely come again and again to overcome my thirst for knowledge.