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Top 5 reveals of a good retail display solutions company

July 14, 2020

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Retail Display Solutions

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

-Steve Jobs

And what is innovation but the act of constantly re inventing oneself? And hitting this refresh mode every now and again is the call of the hour. With the human attention span dropping – according to a survey conducted by Wyzowl, the attention span of humans fell even below that of a goldfish, 8.25 seconds versus 9 seconds respectively (we stopped monitoring after we’d dropped below the goldfish) – it is imperative to grab the attention of a consumer when she/he makes one glace towards your product.

Hence the need of good retail display solutions at various touch points to convert intent to a final sale. A study conducted revealed that almost 8 out of 10 consumers who make impulsive purchase decisions, make them in-store. In fact, consumers of all ages, baby boomers and Gen Z included, an alarming avaegae of 60% prefer brick and mortar stores to make their purchases whether it is consumer durables, clothes and most importantly food. Ergo, strong creative retail display solutions to drive sales.

Now that we’ve established the need of a good in store display solutions company to work with, how do you find one that fits the bill?

We’ve listed down top 5 ways to identify a good retail display solutions company.

1. All hands on deck
Pick a company where everything or almost everything is in-house. When you engage a company to assist with creative retail display solutions, the association starts with a brief. Using that information, the company should get back to you with possible design solutions and if the project is large enough to warrant a prototype, then as a client, we suggest that you request for one. However, ensure that the overarching mission and vision, brand guidelines are shared in advance with the company so that it can be incorporated in the design. Right Source follows this procedure since the very start which ensures little back and forth. Once designs are approved, we move into manufacturing. At Right Source, we also extend support towards maintenance, right up to storage and even encourage recycle and reuse.

2. Pick a team that is willing to adapt to your vision
At Right Source, the clients vision becomes the collective vision. In the initial phase of the project itself, it is encouraged to ask questions, imbibe the clients overarching brand philosophy so that it reflects clearly even in the nuances.

3. Balance the equation right up to installation
What happens when you pick to work with a company that has expertise in one department but is not so adept in another? For example, a company may have an excellent design team and may submit the best creative display solutions that look great on paper. But, come execution even, they are not able to translate that into the project, forget anything beyond that.
The Right Source attitude is to ace every department. Each department is led by an expert who excels in her/his department. Therefore, right from the brief and even up to maintenance of the retail display solution, the client is assured the best – all under one roof.

4. Problem solving and response time
When dealing with big display solutions or even smaller ones for that matter, problems do arise. These are mostly related to assembly at site. It is these moments when time is of essence and thinking on one’s feet could save a large amount of money. With varied experience that Right Source has, the team is quick to think and action out solutions to circumvent issues that could later prove to be huge road blocks. Hence, it is extremely important to pick a company that responds quickly and in a timely and efficient manner to overcome potential challenges.

5. A company with heart
Save the best for last. Pick a company to work with you on your retail display solutions that has a heart. What you will get is not only tangible solutions for your products and brand but an intangible business relationship that will last beyond deadlines and projects.

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