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The importance of Touchpoint solutions

November 24, 2020

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Defining retail touchpoint solutions

Touchpoint solutions are every time when your customers interacts directly with the product or service whether online or offline. And while offline solutions can be clearly defined as kiosks, gondola displays etc., tangible online solution metrics such as reviews, ratings, visits to the website etc also can now be defined clearly.

Here, we will concentrate on offline retail touchpoint solutions and ways in which customers engage with the brand at the point of sale. One size surely doesn’t fit all and therefore it is critical to identify what is the specific need for your brand and is extremely dependent on what stage you are offering the touchpoint solutions during the purchase process.

Firstly, you must find the right company to partner with to help you identify and execute what is required for you. Right Source, the best in store display solutions company in Dubai, not only understands that need but also goes one step ahead and helps optimise every touchpoint solution. For example, recently during the pandemic, when stores were physically closed and customers may have to be nudged to facilitate brand recall, Right Source devised sanitiser dispensers and customised them for their clients by branding them. They continued to help brands that have collaborated with them to brainstorm other solutions while the economy slowly picks up pace and therefore constantly adapts with current requirements and trends.

What should you ask your solutions partner to arrive at the right mix?

1. What problem are we solving?
2. How can customers discover that product better and smarter?
3. What can be done to further and ultimately close the purchase decision.
4. What else can be done to retain the customer?

Some retail touchpoint solution options –

1. Storefront
Your storefront is your Mecca. Treat it with care and respect and you will be surprised how with minimal effort you can get maximum sales. And you are not in it alone. Partner with a good retail display solutions company who know how to do the job efficiently and effectively. Right Source has a team of domain experts that hand holds you through the process from brainstorming to final installation.

2. In store signage and solutions
There are many in store signage options. This is by no means an exhaustive list. However, it is a list that can get you started. Right Source has a large but skilled team and has department experts that help you meticulously plan your entire in store strategy. Even if this has to be across various locations, the Right Source team is equipped to carry out installations well within guidelines of both the company and the physical location where the installation has to be set up.

a. Gondola retail display
A free standing structure that is usually seen as a visual stack of stands. Such displays are usually seen in malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets and shop in shop spaces to maximise the use of space.

b. Retail island display
A retail island display is a shrunken or smaller version of the gondola display unit. If there is a large space in the middle of the store, such display units are optimally placed there to create more opportunities to display products. In case of selling a service, such spaces can also be used a demo stations.

c. Shop in shop display
This sort of retail concept is when the brand rents out space in another retailer’s store. Hence, it becomes imperative here to retain and communicate the original brands design but within the design parameters of the larger shop.

d. Retail kiosk display
Retail kiosks are much like retail island displays but tend to be somewhat interactive in nature, as well.

3. Checkout
Even upon checkout, it is important to engage the customer. Almost 94% customers engage actively with touchpoint solutions at checkout counters; they create massive opportunity for impulse sales. And when you partner with an experienced company such as Right Source, they not only guide you with design but also are able to give many insights including on placement (which is crucial) of the solution.
With Right Source, you make a partnership that lasts beyond the project and for a lifetime!

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