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Top Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions

September 10, 2020

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Digital Signage Solutions

If you are contemplating using digital signage solutions in your retail store, by the end of this article, we are quite sure that you will be convinced to act immediately!

What is retail digital signage?

The concept being less than 5 years old, it has overtaken traditional signage at the retail store as a solution with supersonic speed.

Digital Signage is an electronic display used to enhance user / consumer experience. 84% of retailers believe that digital signage creates more brand awareness compared to traditional channels. Coupled with AI digital signage solutions can be made even more powerful to promote products and services and in turn, sell more.

Where do I need digital signage?

Digital signage solutions are ideal for retail stores, multi-brand stores, schools, offices, airports, supermarkets / hypermarket, banks and many such others.

Digital Signage Solutions

Why should I move to digital signage solutions? Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions:

1. Increase traffic

Implementing digital signage technology can increase footfall by up to 24% in retail stores. Imagine this, you are passing by a store in a mall. Are you more attracted by a video playing on a large LED screen or a plain sign? You are still in the same mall, will a flashing emergency exit sign catch you attention or one that simply reads ‘Exit’?

2. Inform

With retail digital signage solutions, product and navigation information can be easily displayed. Whether it is a large store or a small one, a well placed sign does the trick. Moreover, digital signage improves queue management and reduces perceived wait times by more than 35%.
A classic example of informing users is at an airport. In a survey done by Mvix, 75% of travelers recall seeing a digital billboard within the past month.

3. Educate

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Showing a short video can help make a purchase decision quickly and convert intent to sale faster. Need we say more?!

4. Recall

As we mentioned in a previous point, digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%. This figure is almost double the information retention rate for traditional advertising. You only have one chance to grab the attention of the user. Make it count.

5. Customizable

By the very nature of the signage being digital, it becomes easier to change content and keep it fresh. With the right strategy and implementation and mostly choosing the right solution, you could show a customer something new most of the times that s/he passes by or visits your store.

6. Versatile / Entertain

2D and 3D digital signage solutions as stated earlier are far more versatile than traditional solutions. Also, videos playing outside a storefront are much more entertaining, for sure.

7. Enhance branding

Along with your company branding, interactive retail display solutions can also help you grow your digital footprint. Include you social media content in the display solution. This will help increase your digital presence even after the customer leaves the store or as a source of data collection.

8. Advertising / Marketing / Promotions

Digital signage bumps up the average purchase amount by 29.5%. It comes as no surprise then that 53% of digital signage end-users expect to increase their digital signage spend in the next two years.

How do I optimize my digital signage?

If you are convinced that digital signage is the new now, you should contact a company like Right Source who can assist you take your vision forward – from brainstorming retail digital signage solutions to implementation and manufacturing to installation.

Statistics courtesy – Mvix

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ENO Digital Signage Manufacturer

Hello Dear, Thank you for the interesting article about digital signage. It’s nice to know that How can it be beneficial in daily life, you can program the displays to change throughout the day. This seems really important for businesses that may do different deals at different times in the day.

naima fathima
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing great ideas about digital signage. I really appreciate your content. Digital signages are electronic signages used to display digital images and data.
<a href=””>interactive digital signage solutions UAE</a> help you to increase your sales by displaying information digitally.

Last edited 2 years ago by naima fathima
rachil bing
1 year ago

There are a lot of great tips in this blog post for digital signage. Thanks for sharing this information!