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Top Interactive retail display ideas

December 23, 2020

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Interactive retail displays are more commonly known as visual merchandising. A major reason that conversions are far more likely to happen in a physical store versus an online purchase will be slowly revealed as you read the blog.

Retail display design companies such as Right Source put in a lot of research and constantly educate their teams on new innovations for interactive retail display ideas to put in practice to make the customer journey smoother.

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Then, keep in mind the following even when you are brainstorming your idea with your retails display solutions partner:

1. Will it go with the look of your store?
Let the experience be an immersive one for your customer. For example if you are a store that’s selling Christmas gifts – you want your store to look like Christmas Winterland!

2. Is this how you would shop?
More than trying to please anyone, work closely with your retail display solutions company to brainstorm ideas to make your shopping experience better in your own shop. Keep the bar high. If the ideas you come up with together pass your threshold, you will surely give your customer a great experience.

3. You’ve devised a plan. Before executing it, how can you make it better.
Don’t be happy with what you’ve come up with in the first instance. Push yourself. The more you are invested in the project, the partner company that you are working will match your effort 100% and you will come up with ideas that are truly sensational.

4. Appeal to the senses

5. Declutter – that’s your focus. Less is really more. You don’t have to show your customer all your tricks. When interacting with the customer, keep some surprises handy. Pull out something from your inventory to show that you know your customer.

6. Use space intelligently – You don’t have walls. You can use arial displays, floor space and even interactive retails displays in the middle of the shop floor. And definitely cross merchandise. You know the partners in crime – double up your sales with simple tactics. In case you have a small space, use portable retail display ideas to literally move things around.

7. Spotlight – Highlight your strengths by literally spotlighting your bestsellers. Educate your customers with the right display information. Let them be the heroes, the focal point of your store. You are at an advantage – you not only know your customer but also know your product best. Match the two correctly and it is a win-win situation.

8. Heart & Soul – Big or small, trendy or classic – your offering – product or service is an extension of you. Offer it to your customer with a human touch. You will build a brand for posterity and have customers for life.

What are the top retail interactive ideas?

1. Use Technology – this is the low hanging fruit. Use it to your advantage!

2. Conceptual Art –

Source: The Cool Hunter –

3. Dress it up – If you are a leather store, for example, use the material to dress ups your shop. Look at

4. Walk your customers through your store. Virtually.
Through proper directional signage, you can guide your customer to the right direction and nudge them into how you wish them to navigate your store. This is especially true of large stores.

5. Interactive elements – Use games on devices to encourage interactivity with your products within your store. The more comfortable the customer is in your space, the more likely to convert from intent to sale.

Look at this fantastic #miyo (make it your own) concept created by Right Source for Kaizer.

For more information on super concepts and executions , visit

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